Wallpapers are cheap

Add the costs of products that can be painted over and a good paint together and you will find that you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot more for a brand name wallpaper.

Wallpapers are long-lasting

Thanks to the high-quality materials used in brand name wallpapers you will get a lot of pleasure from your new world. Many products that can be painted or painted over fade or turn yellow after a short period of time. With a vinyl wallpaper, the next change of wallpaper recedes into the distant future.

Wallpapering is clean

Working with paint produces annoying drips and splashes. During wallpapering, if any paste should happen to drop onto skirting boards or window sills, for example, it can simply be wiped off with a moist sponge.

Wallpapering is less work

Pasting and hanging wallpapers is carried out in one action. Repeated painting, filling or dabbing at spots is not needed. You get the finished result, length for length.

Wallpapering is faster

Everything is finished when the wallpaper has been hung. You can save whole days, e.g. waiting for base materials or paints to dry.

Wallpapers offer perfect effects

Perfect effects, e.g. dab, wipe or spatula effects, are also available as finished brand name wallpapers. So you always achieve ideal, uniform results to meet your wishes.

Wallpapers always have the right colour

When mixing paints there may be slight differences in colours and the colour on the wall often looks different from the one you chose in the store. When hanging wallpaper you always get the right colour(s) on the wall.

Wallpapers create an atmosphere

Wallpapers are a simple and economical way to perfectly match the interior decoration. The selective use of colours, patterns and structures produces an overall picture that creates a harmonious atmosphere in any room.

Wallpapers express an attitude to life

Your choice of wallpaper expresses your way of life and attitude to life. Depending on your personality, you can show your temperament and preferences in any room through colours, patterns and structures.

Wallpapers make a room individual

Thanks to the wide variety of brand name wallpapers from rasch, you have innumerable design possibilities to create a unique living environment in harmony with the room, furniture and accessories.