Dealing with Rust

The ‘Intelligent’ Rust Solution

There are many kinds of rust ‘cures’ available ranging from well known to lesser known brands, all claiming to be ‘the cure’ but many of them deliver very disappointing results.

Why? Because some of them fail to deal with the real reason of why rust breaks out again and again. A notable exception is Owatrol Oil.

How does Owatrol Oil work where others fail?

Rust is a red or brown oxide coating on iron or steel caused by the action of oxygen and moisture. Moisture and oxygen, the primary components could also be described as ‘rust food’. Owatrol Oil works in a totally unique way by removing the food thereby stopping the rust in its tracks.

Consider the example of what would be described as a difficult job to deal with. It is part of a steel structure comprising of three different overlapping sections held together by a bolt and nut in the centre. If you had to treat this particular section, your choices would include:
• wire brushing
• shot blasting
• scraping

Each of the foregoing treatments would prepare the visible steel very well for priming and painting. In a case of very bad corrosion, heavy rust scale deposits would also have to be removed. However the real problem, trapped moisture and oxygen which normal conventional preparations fail to deal with will deal with, remain trapped inside the overlapping steel sections. Irrespective of how well you prepare and treat all the visible area, the hidden rust food will inevitably burst out in rust in a matter of a few months.

However, when Owatrol Oil is applied into the top of the joint, it penetrates down in between the steel sections emerging out beside the nut in the middle and again at the bottom. Therein lies the ‘secret’ of how Owatrol Oil works. This show’s how Owatrol Oil works inside rust pores.