As a sealant for porous surfaces

To cover concrete and masonry, raw wood, metal, bare drywall, stucco, spackled areas.

Gives a uniform colour and sheen level for your finish coat.

As a permanent stain blocker

To cover knots and sap stains, nicotine, tannin bleed, mildew, water stains, pet stains, food and beverage stains, crayon or ink marks, graffiti.

Will prevent stains from bleeding through your finish coat.

To cover dark colour and surfaces

To cover panelling, wallcoverings, borders, stains, strong decorative colours, special paint effects.

Prevents colours showing through and altering the finsih on your finish coat. Primers can be tinted closer to the colour of your finish coat.

To cover hard-to-paint or glossy areas

To cover finished woodwork, glass, ceramic tiles, vinyl shutters, PVC piping, Formica®, metal, decorative tiles.

Gives a uniform base coat which enhances the adhesion of the finish coat.

To improve durability of finish

To prevent cracking, chalking, blistering, bleed through and peeling. To improve the flexibility and adhesion of the finish coat.

Allows your topcoat maintain its good looks for longer thus reducing the need for frequent re-painting.