Painting is one of the home decorating tasks most commonly undertaken by the home owner.  It is relatively easy to achieve very satisfactory and pleasing results – provided proper care is given to preparation and to the use of the proper tools and materials. However, for the beginner terms like primers, matt, soft sheen, eggshell, etc., can sound confusing and intimidating.
Clicking on the links below will bring you to pages where the skill of painting different surfaces is explained in uncomplicated language. There are examples  and descriptions for easy identification of the tasks you may be undertaking.
If you need further help, your local Albany store will be pleased to advise and, if necessary or appropriate, source technical support.

Painting – Introduction Painting Non-Ferrous Metals
Primers – When to Use Painting Ferrous Metals
Painting Plaster Dealing with Rust
Painting Timber Painting Building  Boards
 ▼Painting Concrete, Brickwork, Etc. Painting Glazed Tiles