Measuring for Tracks/Poles.

Pole1 Pole4 Pole2 Pole5 Pole3

Which diameter of curtain pole is preferred?
Personal preference plays a large part in this choice, but also it depends on the look you are trying to achieve, weight of curtains and width of the window.

Can your curtain poles be cut to size at home?
All our pre-packed curtain poles, whether metal or wood, can be cut to length using a good quality hacksaw.

Fitting your curtain pole/track
All our poles and tracks come with fitting instructions which make assembly very easy.

How do know the correct length pole for my window?
Using a rule or metal tape measure the window recess as shown below. Add a minimum of 6” or 15cm overlap to each side of the window (B).


The poles sizes are based on the pole alone. It does NOT include the finials.
If the exact length of pole is not available, always choose a size of pole longer than you require as the poles can easily be cut down to size.
When cutting down a two-piece pole, always cut equal amounts off each pole in order to maintain the joint in the centre.
When cutting down a two-piece wooden pole always cut the finial end of the poles, NOT the joining ends as these are drilled to accept the joining bar.